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I met you at my brothers

Your lines were like lightning

So bright and uncontrollable

I could hardly fight it


You took me to your parents

We were joking in the street

Your eyes were like headlights

Crashing into me


I never let you go

And it’s a long long way to your

mountain top

A long long way to

your mountain


We listened to Aretha

I say a little prayer now

You know I always kept you

Like a dirty way out

I’ll disappear slowly

So I won't hear you say,

“You know I always loved you,

But just not in that way.”


And it hurts like hell

to belong to someone else


They’ll make you doubt your every dream

They’ll turn this into catastrophe

They’ll take your heart they’ll take your soul

They’ll take a little more

than they did before


And when your back’s against the wall

Just remember who you are

You’re the king of everything

your mind could ever dream

And when they love you like a star

you know the dream ain’t very far

Just remember who you are


You’re a Star Shaker

A moonbeam operator

You can’t fake it, they either love or hate it

Star Shaker, don’t save your love for later

You know you got to give it all


You’re not the child they thought you’d be

Only stronger now from the gravity

You were never meant to shake their bones

But the sky above til the stars explode


Don’t hide your love

You got to give it all away


I was sitting on your bed

“Have you heard this song?”, you said.

You laid down on my hand

I said, “Don’t worry about it man.”


And I know what your best friends don’t


You can touch me


You were crying in the hall

‘Til i walked on through the wall

It will all be alright

feel the scar on my side

You can touch me

So you know

Jesus loves me

Ya I know

Ya I know

Ya I know


Hey honey won’t you calm it down tonight

I got my rings and my arms

around your light

I don’t wanna break you

I don’t wanna win this fight

I just wanna be alone tonight


It’s hard to say

But I’m not what you need

I’ll only break you

Like you break me


Maybe I was a fool, hell I don’t care

It’s just another town without you here

Tell me how to take you

tell me how to make this right

Maybe in a year it’ll be alright


Cry baby cry

I’m not the one to hold you

Try baby try

To calm the storms above you

Fly baby fly

Into the arms that love you better


Come on now we’re only getting older

You loved me for my heart

but my heart’s grown colder

But here we are the dancing dust

I asked you for the time

but the time's run up


And I’ve been waiting a long time

Looking for the city the sunlight

A love like California


Blue like a fog in Lookout, Georgia

I was waiting on the ghost

but the ghost didn’t show up

Now I’m red like fire, red like wine

Dancing like a child ‘cross the desert sky


These city lights can hold you

These city lights can take you in

These city lights can tell you everything


And did you find what you wanted?

And did you give it all you got?

And was it everything you needed?

Would you take it all back?


Trouble, the clock strikes ten baby

I came here with another

But his eyes are playing tricks baby

Now he wants to talk philosophy

Tell me ‘bout that new college degree

I can’t believe all of the things you’ve seen

I should be going but your


Trouble baby

I can hardly separate

My words are failing

I can feel your fingers running down on

My fears and my faith and my fantasies


Trouble, what does it take to free each other

Before we’re parallel in sheets baby

You know my heart ain’t in the covers

‘Til I find a way to work it out

I guess ill have to sit and suffer now

Bite my lips to bring the color out

I should be going but you’re trouble


Your sex is power


You came upon me like a midnight fever

I really thought you had the love to free me

Even now it’s like I lost you in a way


And I can’t dance with no one

So baby let me show you how to hold me

I’ve only seen boys like you

in movies and magazines

You’re all I need


I thought another hit could take me higher

Another chemical could match your fire

Now I’m confident that love is all I need

You’re all I need


And the hardest part is not letting go

when there’s nothing left

between our hearts

And the hardest part is not giving up

When there’s nothing left

between our hearts